Valley Village Services

Dining Facilities:

The Dining service offers an exciting and varied menu that can satisfy almost everyone’s taste. Resident’s guests and special parties are easily accommodated and welcomed. There is a variety of meal plans available. Residents in the Mini Studio apartments receive up to three meals daily (depending on premier package selection), while Residents in the Studio apartment receive one meal daily.

Residents of 1 and 2 Bedroom Apartments & Cottages may purchase a meal or enter into a meal contract. The Dining Room is open seven days a week serving three meals a day (two on Sundays and holidays with a brown bag lunch).



Valley Village offers weekly housekeeping for an affordable monthly fee.


Van Transportation:

For added convenience, van transportation is offered within a 10-mile radius Monday – Friday. Doctor appointments have priority on Tuesday and Thursday and Wednesday is a shopping day. This service is provided at no additional cost based on available appointments. 


Resident Services:

The Resident Services Center promotes the well-being of the residents.

This includes emergency response to apartments and grounds as well as routine services in the Resident Services Center. Routine “walk-in” services include blood pressure screening, weight measurement, and first aid. The Resident Services Center has staff available 24 hours a day certified in first aid, CPR, and the Heimlich maneuver. This service is provided at no additional cost.


Primary Care Clinic:

The Primary Care Clinic is open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.

Our clinic is licensed by the State of California. This is a nurse-driven facility under the supervision of a Medical Director. Short-term care is provided by the Clinic with ongoing and preventative care continuing with residents’ primary care providers. Clinic Services include simple suture removal, preparation of insulin for self-administration, immunization, ear wax removal, health education, and limited administration of medication. There is no overnight care. This service is provided at no additional cost.


Solar Energy:

Our solar installation was a cooperative project of Valley Village, Silicon Valley Power, The City of Santa Clara, and members of the local business community. Valley Village has completed such retrofit projects in recent years like Solar Powered Lamps installed at four Entrances, Solar Powered Attic Fans installed in 60 cottage apartments, Energy Saving lighting in common areas and on campus, Energy-Efficient boilers, chillers, and cooling towers, Computerized tools for Energy Savings, Solar Electric Panels - Building 1.


Valley Village Retirement Community is a single facility, a non-profit organization that pays all utilities and passes on all savings to senior residents. You can find out more about our solar installation and see how much electricity is currently being produced by going to Clean Energy: Valley Village Energy Usage Overview


Residents' Council:

The Residents' Council of Valley Village is comprised of volunteers. These individuals are elected by the residents living in the community. The Council makes decisions about the social and group activities along with advising the Administrator about general concerns of the residents.


U.S Postal Service Substation:

We also have an official Post Office Substation onsite for your postal needs. The Substation is open Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm excluding holidays.